Tolerance Management Software

Centralize, manage and automate the ranking of all the product critical characteristics in the Enventive 360 collaborative platform.

Calculate how as-manufactured data impacts all existing tolerance analyses in real time to make the best decisions on engineering changes.


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In this era of Industry 4.0, SPC tools and 3D scanners speed up the capture and processing of manufacturing data, 2D drawings are replaced by 3D annotations, and 3D tolerancing solutions empower R&D teams to apply robust GD&T.

One might think that products can now be mass produced with optimal levels of quality after the first design, prototyping, and production attempts. But, this is not the case.

why does it take weeks to Make deviation decisions when we have the best ERP, PDM and PLM?

  • FMEA and variation analysis aren’t dynamically integrated into the product development process.
  • There is no global picture of the functional relationships impact as recommended in Design for Six Sigma (DFSS).
  • Critical characteristic ranking methods are inefficiently done manually in Excel spreadsheets.


  • A collaborative, transparent and secure Functional Relationship Management (FRM) platform
  • Optimal process decisions based on an automatic ranking of all the project critical parameters
  • Optimal decisions on resolving manufacturing problems, thanks to an overview of impacts on all projects
“Enventive 360 will give you the global picture of a project, with an unprecedented level of insight on critical parameters, and confidence that all mathematical equation results are good.”
Yves Le Pottier
Vice President, Enventive


We created Enventive 360 because when discussing with our customers heard things like:

“We want to rely as much as possible on carryover parts in new products and support multiple engineering configurations. But how do we quickly discover the level of impact on all products when a part is outside specs?”

“We want to design better and faster. But how do we effectively and efficiently rank all of a product’s critical characteristics to optimize manufacturing strategies?”

Several standards, including the IATF16949, require manufacturers to anticipate, solve and track the history of decisions made on critical characteristics to prevent errors in manufacturing. But how do we reliably compute critical characteristics? Dynamically, using an ERP, PDM, or PLM? Manually investigating Excel sheets, PDF files, and 3D models, and rerunning analyses? Or forget the formalities and just go with the rule of thumb?

When you are looking for answers, the only thing that’s clear is that simply storing engineering data is virtually useless. You need to be able to harness, use, and reuse that data.

Enventive 360 enterprise software gives you the answers you need to make better-informed decisions almost instantly when parts fail to meet specifications. 360 leverages engineering analyses to connect FMEA information with actual contributor values in your design specifications, helping you determine which are most critical to control, especially from a manufacturing perspective.


  • Real-time synthesis on critical key characteristics to be tracked in a project
  • Automatically computes criticality scores for all stack contributors in a project
  • Instantly updates tolerance analyses with as-manufactured data and identifies breaches that trigger failure modes
  • Lets you play “what if” scenarios to quickly identify how changes to critical parameters affect the overall product
  • Organizes and connects FMEA and variation analysis results for more efficient, effective design review
  • Does not require a specialist. Key characteristics understandable by everyone in the project team
  • Creates engineering knowledge continuity between designers, engineers, manufacturing and quality groups
  • Informs management about high-failure risks
  • Lets Manufacturing Engineering instantly identify the most critical dimensions in a project
  • Aids in development of manufacturing plans
  • Data consistency, security and an access anytime, anywhere to the product developments big picture
  • Maintains history of manufacturing data
  • Leverages the value of Enventive models by automatically invoking them as calculators
  • Users can directly add their live data, subject to permission levels
  • Connects FMEA, CAD, and measurement data with all tolerance stacks

Benefits by department

R&D PRODUCT– Unique entry point for key characteristics
– Design optimization thanks to the criticality score
– Access to past versions of the product
R&D PROCESS– Improvement of  manufacturing choices: internal or external
– Improvement of control choices: which parameters, how to change them, etc.
PROJECT– Real-time identification of the product and design leaders impacted by manufacturing issues.
QUALITY– Traceability on all product versions
– End-to-end capture of critical info
– Continuous improvement
SUPPLIERS– Dynamic sharing of requirements with the supplier
– Automatic import of supplier batches
– Save configurations by batches

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