5 days – 10 people
A combination of self learning and trainer sessions


4 days – 6 people
Presential training for an inclusive learning

OBJECTIVE : Empower trainees to get maximum value out of their usage of Enventive Concept software.

AUDIENCE : For mechanical designers and engineers directly involved in the product design.

PREREQUISITE : Being familiar with CAD modeling and with tolerancing standards

BENEFITS: Attendees and their management ensure long term success with the software maximizing usage benefits.

Enventive Concept training:

WHAT WILL ATTENDEES LEARN: Gaining all advices and tips for new users of Enventive Concept to become successful. Here is more information on the areas covered by the training:

  • Sketching and applying GD&T on functional components
  • Creating assemblies, constraining them and run simple tolerance analysis
  • Understanding, interpreting and using Concept’s tolerance analysis report
  • Optimizing nominal and tolerances impacts of components and assemblies contributors
  • Carrying out multi-criteria analysis to achieve functional conditions objectives
  • Combining the usage of equations in models in add to geometric and dimensinal tolerancing
  • Automatic re-constraining of geometry imported from CAD
  • Using polycurves and connections
  • Using forces, frictions, moments and the fundamental principle of static equilibrium

TRAINERS: Most of our trainers our trainers have decades of experience in the manufacturing industry…
Our trainers are all part of Enventive for years. They are located in the US, India, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Korea to support our customers worldwide. Beyond their trainer role, they are also part of Enventive support team to provide hands on support to training attendees in the long term.

TRAINING ORGANIZATION AND MEANS: At your request, we will send you all organizational details which depends on the type of training chose. Neverthless here is a first idea.

  • The training is split in 2 phases: a theoretical one and a prectical one based on customers problems. During this second phase, attendees will be supported by the trainer to use Enventive Concept software on their own problems.
  • Training manual will be delivered in pdf format at the beginning of the training
  • All trainees will have a licence of the software for 1 month starting from 1st days of training

EVALUATIONS AND PRESENCE: Subject to local regulations attendees will be asked to fill in training related forms, such as:

  • Pre-training skill level quizz and attendees expectations
  • Post-training skill level quizz and attendees satisfaction
  • Attendance sheet

Subject to local regulations or at customers request, the trainer will deliver a progress report for each trainee.

Our Enventive Concept training evaluation by our last 84 attendees worldwide as of 2023

Training content: 4.33/5
Software usefulness: 4.34/5
Trainer’s job: 4.69/5
Tomáš Prda
Chief Engineer at Brano
“Enventive web trainings are very good.
The team is very friendly, helpful and quick at answering any question.”

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