Enventive Academy Accelerates Training and Support for Tolerance Analysis

Quick Access to Educational and Help Resources

Enventive is pleased to announce the launch of Enventive Academy, a new training and support website for users of its Concept tolerance analysis software. Free to all licensed users, Enventive Academy offers quick access to tutorials, videos, product support, downloads, release notes, and product announcements. Academy is a part of Enventive’s commitment to maximizing the value of its users’ investments in Concept.

Tutorials and Videos for Learning Tolerance Analysis with Concept

At the core of Academy is a series of tutorial coursework and webinar videos for Concept users.

At the core of Academy is a series of tutorial coursework and webinar videos for Concept users. These tutorials supplement live training, provide self-training options, and offer refreshers on topics of interest. Areas covered include:

  • Reports — how to analyze tolerance analysis reports.
  • Equations — how to derive dimensional parameters from computed variables.
  • Assemblies — how to reuse existing models in other files to build assemblies.
  • Auto Constrain — how to automatically constrain an imported file from a CAD model.
  • Constraining Geometry — introduces functionally constraining models for analysis.
  • Forces and Moments — how to use forces and force constraints, friction, and moments.
  • Polycurves — overview of polycurves feature.
  • Deflections — how to simulate deflections for parts with constant thicknesses.
  • Monte Carlo — how to set up and run a Monte Carlo simulation analysis.

Tutorials and videos are available in English, French, and German.

Technical Support for Efficiently Resolving Product Issues

To speed-up resolution of product issues, Enventive Academy users can submit support tickets to ask questions, get assistance on technical problems, request or comment on features, or seek help on license issues. Academy’s helpdesk system tracks each ticket until it is completed.

Online Documentation and Downloads

Academy users have immediate access to online help documentation for the latest version of Concept. Online help is indexed and searchable for quick access to detailed product information. Documentation is also available as PDF files for printing.

The latest Concept software with release notes is available to download.

How to Access Enventive Academy

If you are a user with an up-to-date Enventive software license, visit https://enventive.academy and use your current Enventive account login for access. You can also navigate to Academy from enventive.com. Forgot your password or don’t yet have an account? Follow the instructions on Academy’s login page.

Questions or need help with Academy? Please contact us at [email protected].

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