Robust design and tolerance analysis


The functional sketching interface of Enventive® Concept combined with versatile tools empowers users with key information to design outstanding, robust products.

Enventive Concept’s conceptual design abilities combined with tolerance analysis and design optimization tools make Enventive Concept a superior tool for mechanical engineering design.

Concept works across a product life cycle. For many, its greatest value is in the design phase, before decisions related to the nominal 3D model are made.

3D tolerancing for 3D annotations


Whether you want to solve multiple simple stacks or predict 3D complex variations based on your CAD model, Enventive® 3D&T (currently in alpha testing) is your “go to” solution.

When functional modeling falls short, 3D&T is the perfect companion to Concept, bringing unrivaled power and simplicity to applying robust GD&T on 3D CAD models.

Enventive 3D&T is invaluable for performing mid- to late-stage tolerance analysis and variation optimization on CAD models, picking up where Concept leaves off.

Enterprise tolerance management


Enventive® 360 (currently in beta testing) unites the Enventive product line as a collaborative platform to manage all critical characteristics, from design to manufacturing.

Enventive 360 calculates as-manufactured data impacts on all existing tolerance stack-ups so your team can make the best decisions on engineering changes and ensure optimal supplier quality strategies.

360 gives you one global solution to eradicate non-quality problems.

For all stages of your product life cycle Enventive has you covered.

Enventive Product development process

Although each Enventive software solution solidly stands on its own, you will see exponential benefits by using our solutions together to cover all the 1D, 2D and 3D tolerancing needs you face. Depending on your products, processes and stage of development, your teams determine which tool best fits the job.

For those design challenges that demand 3D analysis, Enventive 3D&T combines power, simplicity and speed that surpass other 3D variational software options, especially in usability. Engineers and designers who already use Concept will enjoy a familiar user interface and seamless support from the Enventive team for modeling challenges.

By having both Concept and 3D&T in your toolkit, you cover the bases, ensuring that your product designers and engineers can solve complex 3D variation analysis, while recognizing that most of their needs are to analyze simple stacks, which is done most efficiently in Concept.

At an enterprise level, Enventive 360 leverages your investment in your Concept and 3D&T models. The data you worked hard to get right in Concept and 3D&T is carried forward through the product life cycle as critical parameters accessible and understandable by your broader team, including manufacturing and suppliers.

Because 360 is able to import contributors from existing Enventive models, there is no need to tediously enter stacks by hand when you combine 360 with Concept and 3D&T, saving you significant time and ensuring accuracy and completeness.

Solving deviations with Enventive 360


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