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Danfoss knows that good tolerance analysis and optimizations are key for a robust product development process.

The team was looking for tolerance analysis software that would empower them to find for every tolerance analysis an optimal balance between cost and product efficiency.


Danfoss Trata wanted a GD&T variational analysis software tool that takes into account the geometrical variations neglected with analysis using spreadsheets such as Excel.

The team soon came across a 3D tolerancing software product. It had the benefit of being CAD integrated, but soon appeared to be the wrong choice.

It was so complex and time consuming to use that within a few weeks, the team came back to relying on the same old Excel 1D stack analysis.

“Performance is as important as enlarging tolerances to ensure that functional limits are achieved for product to be fully functional at competitive costs. It’s a balance that needs to be tuned with a good tolerance analysis software to be optimal.”
Franci Stupica
R&D Engineer at Danfoss Trata

Left with an unsolved need, Danfoss R&D team heard of Enventive Concept. It offered an interesting compromise:

  • more powerful than 1D Excel stacks
  • far less complex than a 3D variational analysis software tool


Danfoss team discovered that Enventive Concept:

  • is very powerful to solve the most challenging geometric variations
  • offers the most comprehensive user friendly interface

“I was immediately sure the software would do its job when the training consisted of solving real life problems… In all software, basic features always work. But when you have more demanding needs it all stops… Here the team challenged itself to push Enventive Concept to the limits with the most challenging problems Danfoss had.”
Franci Stupica
R&D Engineer at Danfoss Trata


For Danfoss, it’s crucial to rely on functional models for: 

  • combining multiple stacks to optimize all of them in one single analysis
  • showing in real time visual impact of the contributors
  • offering a fast and reliable calculation of the GD&T dispersions

All this is made possible with Enventive Concept and in the end, Danfoss can now develop reliable and cost efficient products faster and with better responses to customers requirements.

Since the extended team got trained locally, the promising results opens the perspective of using rolling out the software to other R&D Danfoss teams around the globe. No doubt that reliably predicting and optimizing assembly variations will be beneficial to them.

” Instead of geometric tolerances based on the experience, we now:
– put optimized tolerances for the same quality level
– cut time lost in testing tolerance variability on the complete products range”
Franci Stupica
R&D Engineer at Danfoss Trata

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