Enventive licenses Datakit for 3D CAD importation

Enventive has licensed Datakit’s 3D CATIA V5 import technology for use in Enventive 3D&T, its new 3D tolerancing software.  

Enventive 3D&T gives immediate answers on how design, datum, and tolerance choices impact functional reliability, to achieve desired quality levels.  Enventive 3D&T is an innovative 3D CAE solution for performing mid- to late-stage tolerance analysis and variation optimization on CAD solid models.  Easy to use by any product designer or engineer, Enventive 3D&T keeps analysis in the hands of those who know the design best.

Tolerance Analysis 3D Liftup mechanism

“We did an extensive evaluation.  Datakit was the hands-down winner.  We’re pleased to be adding the capability to read native CAD files,” says Ralph Gifford, CEO of Enventive. “Working with Datakit through their business partner intrinSIM was a straightforward process to meet our technology and business needs.”

“We are excited that Enventive has chosen Datakit as their 3D import tool for Enventive 3D&T.” Says Olivier Rigollet, of Datakit, “Datakit has a strong history of working with a broad range of engineering applications.”

About Datakit

Datakit is a privately held and leading company founded in 1994, specialized in CAD data exchange solutions and services. It offers stand-alone converters, plug-ins, and SDK that analyze, heal, and export models. Datakit exposes a wide range of geometrical and semantical data through its varied range of products. It also provides services that aid in the migration of CAD databases and help customers choose the best data transfer solutions. It works close to the Independent Software Vendors that currently integrate its CAD Data exchange solutions as components to their software.  For more information, please visit them at www.datakit.com.

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